Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide

Pink Rathian

Element: Fire
Ailment: Poison, Fireblight, Severe Fireblight
Weakness: Dragon, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Wings, Tail

Tips: Pink Rathian is slightly faster and stronger than her counterpart. Like her green cousin, Pink Rathian is prone to charging and spinning her tail and head when she’s grounded. When she flies into the air, take care not to stand under her claws or directly in front of her. She can land on you, and the only way to get her off is by using a Dung Bomb. In flight, she will also her poison tipped tail forwards, which you should try your best to avoid.

It's extremely annoying to have to use an antidote during a Pink Rathian fight, due to her fast speed. She is the mate of Azure Rathalos, and the two can be found together in many quests. If you steal her Wyvern Egg, it is a good way to get her attention and bring her to you.


Element: None
Ailment: Bleeding
Weakness: Thunder, Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horn, Talons, Wings, Tail

Tips: Seregios is covered in prickly spines that he likes to fire at his rivals. If you get hit by one of these spines you will start bleeding. Any stamina consuming action will cause you to injure yourself while you are bleeding. You can stop the bleeding if you put your weapon away and crouch using the B button. Alternatively, you could leave the zone and eat a Well-done Steak to cure the bleeding condition. Seregios will dive from side to side, looking for the best angle to fire his spikes. He shoots them in three directions in a cone shape in front of him, so you can easily dodge roll between them. Seregios can also pin you, so bring dung bombs to scare him off you.

Black Gravios

Element: Fire
Ailment: Sleep
Weakness: Water
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Back Plates, Legs, Wings, Face

Tips: Black Gravios is more aggressive than his counterpart, and expels explosive gas. Watch for his belly to glow with gas if you are standing near him to attack, and dodge roll before he has a chance to set it off. He’ll also use his sweeping heat beam more frequently, so it is safest to stand perpendicular to Black Gravios’s body, as he sweeps a great distance in front of him.

Stygian Zinogre

Element: Dragon
Ailment: Dragonblight, Severe Dragonblight
Weakness: Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horns 2x, Mane, Claws, Tail

Tips: Stygian Zinogre is more active than regular Zinogre. He will consistently jump and slam down, extending his tail to try and land a hard smack right on you. If you cut off his tail, this move is much less effective, but he will still try to do it. On rare occasions, he’ll pace while gathering dragon energy into his body. While he is pacing, land some hits on his tail. Since he charges his energy while pacing, Stygian Zinogre doesn’t need to howl at the moon to charge up, so you will have to find your own openings and take advantage of them.

He will howl only a few times before letting loose a dragon burst centred around his body, so you can take advantage of this time to get in his face and land some damage. Just get out of the way by the time he’s done howling. When he spins the black/red dracophage orbs off of his back, run around his side to dodge them. The dracophage orbs lock on to you after a moment, and will not hit you if you continue moving.

Yian Garuga

Element: Fire
Ailment: Poison
Weakness: Water
Injured Sign: Limping, Folds his frill back
Breakable Spots: Beak, Back spines, Wings, Tail

Tips: Like his smaller cousin, Yian Kut-Ku, Yian Garuga’s attack kit is similar to a miniature version of Rathian’s, with multiple fire shots in a cone in front of him. He has a running charge, a 360 degree spin, and a powerful pecking move. Be extra wary of his spinning move, unlike Yian Kut-Ku, the tip of his tail is covered in poisonous barbs. As with all monsters that can poison, bring antidotes with you.

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