Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide


Element: None
Ailment: (depending on location) Snowman, Waterblight, Sever Waterblight, Iceblight, Severe Iceblight
Weakness: Dragon, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Claws x2, Tail

Tips: Tigrex is fast and agile. He doesn’t have any kind of breath attack to dodge, so fighting him is just a matter of staying in a good position and reading his tells. He swipes his arms, thrusts his side, and charges. When you think Tigrex may charge you, stand above a wall and he will slam into it, getting temporarily stuck. You’ll bag yourself some free hits on this fast nuisance.

Shagaru Magala

Element: None
Ailment: Frenzy Virus
Weakness: Dragon, Fire
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horns x2, Wings x2, Tail

Tips: Shagaru Magala is the first Elder Dragon you fight in the single player of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. He emanates the Frenzy Virus from his body, so becoming frenzied when fighting him in melee is inevitable. Try to topple Shagaru any what you can. He has pretty much the same moveset as Gore Magala, along with a far range Frenzy Virus burst and a pinning attack. Bring Dung Bombs with you, just in case you get pinned.

Daimyo Hermitaur

Element: Water
Ailment: Waterblight, Sever Waterblight, Poison
Weakness: Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping, Purple foam around mouth
Breakable Spots: Claws 2x, Shell x2

Tips: It’s a giant enemy crab, meaning years of internet memes have trained you to know what to do: hit its weak point for massive damage. It’s generally safe to attack Daimyo Hermitaur’s shell from the side. He scuttle charges backward frequently. That said, he does spit a water beam from his front, he’ll also scuttle to the side while using his beam, so just because it didn’t hit you at first doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. When he burrows, stay on the move, because he’ll use the horn on his shell to stab at you from below before poking out his head and charging upwards from the direction he’s facing.

Emerald Congalala

Element: Fire (If Fire Mushroom is eaten)
Ailment: Sleep, Soiled, Poison, Paralysis, Blastblight
Weakness: Fire
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Tail

Tips: Emerald Congalala is just as gross as regular Congalala. In addition to throwing poop and farting on you, now he will more often attempt to eat a fire mushroom and breath flames. When his tummy starts fuming brown with gas or his mouth starts to let out a red cloud, get away from him. When he blows up his belly, he’s about to spit something at you, so dodge around his side to in the direction of his back.

Yian Kut-Ku

Element: Fire
Ailment: Fire, Fireblight
Weakness: Water, Ice
Injured Sign: Limping, Folds his ears back
Breakable Spots: Ears

Tips: Don’t let Yian Kut-Ku’s adorable visage fool you. His attack kit is similar to a miniature version of Rathian’s, with multiple fire shots in a cone in front of it. He has a running charge, a 360 degree spin, and a powerful pecking move. As with most small monsters, hit its head from the side for an easy win.

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