Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide


Element: None
Ailment: Poison, Stun
Weakness: Water, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head Crystal

Tips: When Gypceros pecks, he can steal from you! Try not to bring any items that are valuable. When he starts clicking his head, he’s going to let out a flash. If you time a dodge roll away from Gypceros after the second set of clicks, you’ll avoid being stunned. If you break his Head Crystal, Gypceros will be unable to do this attack. Gypceros can also poison you, so bring plenty of antidotes. And if those moves aren't annoying enough, he will also fake his own death, tempting you to sheath your weapon and carve him. It’s a trap!


Element: None
Ailment: Paralysis
Weakness: Water, Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Crest and Fangs

Tips: Gendrome will attempt to paralyse you with his pounce attack. Bring null berries and try to dodge his leap! Gendrome will also summon Genprey during battle with his call, but they can be ignored in favour of taking down the big guy.


Element: None
Ailment: Poison, Deadly Poison, Sleep, Web Bound
Weakness: Fire, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Face x2, Chelicerae x2, Back x2, Abdomen x2

Tips: If Nerscylla is hanging above you, she’ll drip poison on your head. Avoid this by fighting Nerscylla on the upper level of an area so she has nowhere to hang from. If you linger in front of her for too long, she’ll extend her poison mandibles straight in front of her in a clapping motion. She has a triple webshot which is easy to dodge, and sometimes she will shoot a single web and launch herself in its direction.


Element: Fire (If Fire Mushroom is eaten)
Ailment: Sleep, Soiled, Poison, Paralysis, Blastblight
Weakness: Fire
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Tail

Tips: Congala is gross. He likes to throw poop and fart on you. When his tummy starts fuming brown with gas, get away from him. When he blows up his belly, he’s about to breathe a cone of fire or poison, so dodge around his side to in the direction of his back.


Element: Water, Ice
Ailment: Waterblight, Iceblight, Severe Iceblight, Snowman
Weakness: Thunder, Fire
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Fin, Tail, All Legs

Tips: Zamtrios’s fin can be easily broken if you manage to mount him or topple him to attack from behind. When Zamtrios enrages, he will cover himself in Icy Armour that absorbs a small amount of damage and may cause your attacks to deflect. If you focus one area, the ice will be knocked off of his body and you’ll be able to land full powered hits again. When Zamtrios crouches, he’s getting ready to charge or breath ice. Sidestepping is not enough, because if you adjust your camera to look at him while trying to strafe around him, you’ll notice that he’ll slightly adjust his trajectory to match your location. You’ll have to run a little bit further than you think to avoid his attacks.

Eventually he’ll inflate himself like a puffer fish, which he usually does when his health is low. When he’s inflated, he has a very short range ice mortar breath and a short range 360 degree water squirt. These attacks are generally weak, so take this time to pound on his inflated head. Just get out of the way if it looks like he’s going to bounce or blow!

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