Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide

Ruby Basarios

Element: Fire
Ailment: Sleep, Poison, Deadly Poison, Fireblight, Stun
Weakness: Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Stomach, Back

Tips: You will encounter Ruby Basarios in Expeditions. Like regular Basarios, he attempts (poorly) to hide in the terrain. If you are melee, use a projectile like a boomerang or a stone to safely smack him from a distance. Use the same tactics as you use against Basario, but be sure to check the crystals he shakes off when you have time. When he shakes crystals off of him, they can be mined for materials a short duration before disappearing.


Element: None
Ailment: Blastblight
Weakness: Water
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Fists, Horn, Tail

Tips: Brachydios is fast, and favours broad, swinging movements and long, straight leaps rather than straight charges. When he pounds his fist or horn into the ground quickly he will leave explosive slime puddles behind. If you touch these puddles or get punched by Brachydios, you will be afflicted with Blastblight, and will need to roll three times before the slime stuck to you explodes. When he quickly licks his fists, he’s gearing up to do a jumping slam at your current location. This is Brachydios’ most powerful physical move, so when you see him lick his fists, get ready to roll!

When Brachydios is enraged, the slime on his body will turn yellow. Novice hunters should avoid fighting Brachydios when he is enraged. He gains powerful attacks that cause explosions in a long line in front of him and a medium radius around him. The tell for these moves is very short, he’ll slam his horn into the ground aggressively. We recommend you wait until Brachydios’s slime turns green again before approaching him.

Weapons made from Brachydios sometimes trigger blast damage and can quickly break monster parts, and his armour compliments the blast weapons. If you plan on farming Brachydios many times for his weapons and/or armour, bring Pitfall Traps to break his horn for his precious gem.


Element: Dragon, Fire
Ailment: Blastblight, Fireblight
Weakness: Dragon, Water
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Talons, Tail

Tips: Teostra is a small, fierce, lion-like elder dragon. Teostra sends out a red cloud, fanning it with his wings, then gnashes his teeth like flint and steel to ignite it. Stay out of Teostra’s red cloud and watch out for frontal paw swipes. Teostra can afflict you with the blastblight, so be aware of your status and roll often. Even though Teostra is small and may limp, he cannot be caught by using a trap. Go for the kill.

Gold Rathian

Element: Fire
Ailment: Poison, Fireblight, Severe Fireblight
Weakness: Thunder, Water
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Wings, Tail

Tips: Gold Rathian is faster and more accurate than other Rathian subspecies. There is less time after her tells before she attacks. She is an even deadlier duo with her mate, Silver Rathalos.


Element: Thunder
Ailment: Thunderblight
Weakness: Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horns x2, Tail

Tips: Rajang is fast and surprisingly adept at making use of his elemental powers. He can shoot a long, thin thunder beam from his face directly in front of him, but he also throws a broad branch dealing major physical damage. Up close, Rajang is very mobile. It is a challenge to stay out of his sweeping swings while attempting to break his horns. Pitfall traps only work on him when he’s enraged. When he’s enraged, his fur turns a beautiful blonde color and he gets more powerful. Kamehameha?

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