Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide

Blue Yian Kut-Ku

Element: Fire
Ailment: None
Weakness: Water (on wings)
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Ears

Tips: Blue Yian Kut-Ku are sometimes smaller than the normal versions, but they pack a bigger punch. Take advantage of their size by focusing the head, which is at striking level from melee. Like his pinker counterpart, he has a running charge, a 360 degree spin, and a powerful pecking move.

Purple Gypceros

Element: None
Ailment: Poison, Deadly Poison, Stun
Weakness: Fire
Injured Sign:
Breakable Spots: Head Crystal

Tips: Like vanilla Gypceros, when Purple Gypceros pecks, he can steal from you, so try not to bring any items that are valuable. When he starts clicking his head, he’s going to let out a flash. If you time a dodge roll away from Purple Gypceros after the second set of clicks, you’ll avoid being stunned. If you break his Head Crystal, Purple Gypceros will be unable to do this attack.

Purple Gypceros can also poison you (more badly than his greyish counterpart), so bring plenty of antidotes. And if those moves aren't annoying enough, he will also fake his own death, tempting you to sheath your weapon and carve him. It’s a trap! Gypceros isn't dead until the game says it's dead, so keep attacking.


Element: Water
Ailment: Paralysis, Waterblight
Weakness: Thunder (stomach)
Injured Sign: Limping, Folds his fins back
Breakable Spots: Head, Fins, Tail (Break, not cut)

Tips: Cephadrome spends most of his time in the sand where he’s content to try to flank you and surprise you from beneath. He may poke his head up and spit sand at you from time to time, but he is fairly easy to dodge. When he surfaces, make it count. If you can safely focus his head without fear of being charged, go for it. He will perform 360 degree spins to try to get you to back away from him so he can go back in the sand. If you’re fighting a particularly large Cephadrome, you can stand by its feet and hit its legs safely while he’s spinning.


Element: None
Ailment: None
Weakness: Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Fins, Tail (Break, not cut)

Tips: Monoblos is a one-horned wyvern version of a charging bull. Like Tigrex, Monoblos makes up for his lack of breath weapon by being extraordinarily strong. He likes to spin and thrash and tries to charge you from under the sand. Don’t let him out of your sight, he may not be as fast as Tigrex but he still hits like a truck.

Red Khezu

Element: Thunder
Ailment: Paralysis
Weakness: Water
Injured Sign: Standing still and whining, Limping
Breakable Spots: Face, Wings, Body

Tips: Red Khezu is fairly slow on the ground for a smaller monster. He makes up for it by producing a lightning shield. He has a tendency to climb up to the top of a cave and hang out of reach, so bring Bounce Bombs and bomb in his shadow to knock him down. Red Khezu will deceptively walk towards you, then break into a short stumbling charge. Sometimes he will extend his head to poke far in front of him, but it is easy to avoid and just provides you a larger surface area to land attacks on his head.

When Red Khezu grounds his tail, avoid his triple lightning breath by standing in between the shots as they fork, or sidestepping the attack entirely. Red Khezu may ground his tail and charge lightning for a short thunder burst in close proximity of his body.

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