Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide


Element: None
Ailment: Poison
Weakness: Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping, Attempts to Flee
Breakable Spots: Crest

Tips: Like most of the “Drome” category monsters, Iodrome is fast and raptor-like. When he rears back, make sure you are not standing directly in front of him because he will launch a poison blob that leaves a moderately sized pool under it. His moveset is similar to Great Jaggi’s and Gendrome’s – he summons Ioprey and frequently spins to attack. Unlike Genprey and Jaggis, Iopreys can spit poison at you. Poison is annoying, so you might want to take out the small guys if you have to, just try to keep the camera on Iodrome in case he tries anything sneaky.


Element: Fire
Ailment: Sleep, Poison, Fireblight, Severe Fireblight
Weakness: Water
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Stomach 2x, Legs, Wings, Face

Tips: Gravios is really tanky. He fires a heat beam directly in front of him. His stomach can be grabbed and climbed on. When his body starts glowing white, he’s about to let out a sleeping agent, so get away from him. Sometimes he may flutter up and try to body slam you. Unlike other winged wyverns, Gravios rarely uses his wings to fly during battle.


Element: Thunder
Ailment: Thunderblight, Sever Thunderblight
Weakness: Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horns 2x, Tail, Back, Claws

Tips: Zinogre is a beast. Literally. It’s generally safe to attack him from the side or near his hindquarters, if you are wary about not getting trampled. He will shoot two arcing lightning orbs in front of him, twice in a row. He has a move where he dives into the air and flips around, extending his tail to try you land a hard smack. If you cut off his tail, this move is much less effective, but he will still try to do it. Zinogre moves at 100% speed or 10% speed and nothing in between.

On the rare occasion when he is pacing aimlessly, take advantage and catch up to him and wail on him. Sometimes he will “charge” his electricity by howling at the moon (even if it’s not out). He will usually howl five or more times before letting loose a lightning burst centred around his body, so you can take advantage of this time to get in his face and land a few hits. Just get out of the way by the time he’s done charging.

Seltas Queen

Element: Water
Ailment: Waterblight, Severe Waterblight, Soiled, Stun
Weakness: Fire, Ice
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Legs 4x, Tail, Face

Tips: I don’t like to call women the b-word, but Seltas Queen is the b-word. Brutal. She will summon an endless stream of male Seltas suitor adds to court her. Don't even bother fighting the adds, because she’ll just call a new one. Sometimes, when she is low on stamina, she’ll grab her still-living husband-of-the-day, beat him to death, and eat him. Nevertheless, the male Seltas still love her, and they’ll morph together to form a hover tank, combining the moves of Seltas into Seltas Queen. This is not a big deal, because Seltas guys are easy.

Be aware that her slow forward charge gets upgraded to a medium speed forward charge and he will try to plop her on top of you sometimes. Seltas will also spit at you from atop his lovely waifu. If you manage to mount Seltas Queen, Seltas becomes so jealous that he flies off of her temporarily. Well, that’s not really how it happens, but in our minds it is.


Element: Fire
Ailment: Poison, Stun, Fireblight, Severe Fireblight
Weakness: Dragon, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Head, Wings, Tail

Tips: Like his mate Rathian, Rathalos is prone to charging and spinning his tail and head when he’s grounded. Rathalos loves flying more than his wife, and will often perform a flying charge. When he hovers in the air, take care not to stand under his claws or directly in front of him. Not only can he can land on you and pin you, but he can use his poison claws to make a quick swipe and ruin your day.

Unlike Rathian, Rathalos enjoys breaking off the fight sometimes to circle above you. When he comes down, make sure you are not in his way or you will be trampled by him, having to deal with his poison claws as well. Rathalos and Rathian are often seen together. Rathalos is a good father, and will tend to chase you if you try to steal his egg.

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