Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Guide

Desert Seltas

Element: None
Ailment: Paralysis
Weakness: Ice, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Horn x2

Tips: Try to mount Desert Seltas for a fast takedown. Unlike regular Seltas, Desert Seltas’s spit causes paralysis, so it is more critical to avoid his ranged attack. His horns resemble that of a beetle, and can be broken twice.

Ash Kecha Wacha

Element: Fire
Ailment: Fireblight
Weakness: Water, Ice, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Ears, Claws, Tail

Tips: Ash Kecha Wacha is a bit larger and faster than his counterpart. Ash Kecha Wacha will perform a small flutter jump, in which he jumps up fanning out his squirrel wings, spits, then does a mini-charge. Attack him from the side or behind. When he is knocked over, take the opportunity to attack his face and ears. Ash Kecha Wacha spits fireballs instead of lobbing water at you. If he’s hanging upside down, try to flank him from behind to knock him down. When he folds his ears over his face, he’s enraged, and he’ll try to charge you – so make sure you get out of the way.

Berserk Tetsucabra

Element: None
Ailment: None
Weakness: Ice, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Tusks, Front and Hind Legs, Back

Tips: Unlike regular Tetsucabra, Berserk Testucabra is fast. When Berserk Tetsucabra picks up a molten rock, he can roll it, throw it a short distance, or crush it in his tusks, causing it to explode a short radius. It is harder to break his tusks, because he is much more aggressive than his counterpart. When he picks up a molten boulder, his engorged tail becomes the weakest part of his body. It is generally safe to attack Berserk Tetsucabra from behind. His side-to-side ground slams have a larger radius, but there is plenty of time to dodge once you know the tell.

Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

Element: Water
Ailment: None
Weakness: Ice, Thunder
Injured Sign: Limping, Purple foam around mouth
Breakable Spots: Claws x2, Shell x2

Tips: Plum Daimyo Hermitaur sports this latest in this year’s fashion trends, a luxurious Diablos skull. The horns on the skull can be broken twice. Instead of strafing horizontally when he fires his water beam, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur strafes in a semicircle. As a G Rank monster, his attacks are a bit stronger. Otherwise, fighting him is nearly identical to his unfashionable counterpart.

Shrouded Nerscylla

Element: NA
Ailment: Paralysis, Poison, Deadly Poison, Webbed
Weakness: Ice, Fire
Injured Sign: Limping
Breakable Spots: Face x2, Chelicerae x2, Back x2, Abdomen x2

Tips: Shrouded Nerscylla is more mobile than regular Nerscylla. She’ll now flip through the air up to three times to reposition herself during battle. She dons a cape made from Khezu hide, and has new electrical abilities as a result. You will have to dodge her normal moves in addition to her new electrical discharge.

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