Mark Wahlberg teases a return to the Transformers series

Mark Wahlberg has been asked about a potential return to the Transformers series, and has told MTV that he could be involved with another sequel sooner rather than later.

Having seen the fourth film gross over a billion dollars worldwide, it should come as no surprise that Paramount is looking to release a fifth, and it sounds as though Wahlberg will be heading up the franchise for a while to come…

“I committed to doing a couple more,” confirms Wahlberg. “I can’t speak for Mr. Bay but something tells me we’ll be on the set soon.”

Indeed, Bay has yet to publically commit his future to the series, although given the ongoing success at the box office, it’s widely understood that the studio is extremely keen for him to do so.

Whether or not Bay signs on the dotted line, expect Transformers 5 to push ahead regardless, with Wahlberg seemingly in it for the long haul…

George Wales

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