Heroes gets booked

Given the phenomenal popularity of Heroes it was only a matter of time before the show began to colonise other areas of the multinational industrial entertainment machine. So it's no surprise to learn that there's the first in a series of official tie-in novels on the way, seeking your hard-earned.

"Heroes: Saving Charlie" is a new adventure by Aury Wallington (she's also written a bunch of novelisations for The OC), telling the full story of Hiro's attempt to save smalltown waitress Charlie from the skull-slicing clutches of the unsociable Sylar. The novel will flesh out and fill in bits of the tale we never saw on the screen.

"One of the more memorable relationships in season one was Hiro's first love, the waitress Charlie," says Heroes main man Tim Kring. "We were as smitten as Hiro by that story and seized the chance to tell the full adventure of Hiro's six months in the past. Aury Wallington was handpicked by the writers of the show for her brilliant voice for these characters. The novel is a welcome addition to the Heroes family."

"Heroes: Saving Charlie" is published on 26 December 2007, and it's already listed on Amazon .

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