Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 4: Meridian Station 

Intel 1/8: Settler Personal Log, ID 0991

Start the mission by ascending up the low-inclined hill. When the hill levels off, veer to the right and walk along the fence on the right. Head to the two yellow barrels to find the data log.

Intel 2/8: Deglass Team Incident Report

Intel 3/8: Excavation Team Personal Log

Intel 4/8: Laser Operator’s Personal Log

Intel 5/8: Deglass Team Personal Log

Connected to the Supplies Station building is the Food Station building. In between both buildings, near some garbage bags is the data pad.

Intel 6/8: Settler Personal Log, ID 4259

Intel 7/8: Settler Personal Log, ID 6421

Using the entrance of the station as a frame of reference, head to the far right corner of the station to find a soldier and a couple settlers. Look for the nearby storage cart to find the data pad.

Intel 8/8: Meridian: Speculative Overview

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