Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 5: Unconfirmed 

Intel 1/7: The History Of Meridian 3/6

After starting the mission, head left and look for the yellow storage/shipping containers nearby. The radio will be found in the nearby rubble.

Intel 2/7: Message From Apogee Station 1/3

Intel 3/7: Drill Operator’s Personal Log 2/2

After the first outdoor firefight, go into the next building. After going up the stairs, work your way around the second level (in a U-shaped path) to find the data pad.

Intel 4/7: Drill Operator’s Personal Log 1/2

Intel 5/7: Message From Apogee Station 2/3

After clearing the open area with the snipers, ascend until you can see the giant sliding doors. Before going up the ramp to the door, look left to find a ventilation duct. Charge into the duct to find the data pad.

Intel 6/7: The History Of Meridian 4/6

Intel 7/7: Message From Apogee Station 3/3

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