Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 11: Before The Storm 

Intel 1/5: Honorguard Personal Log 2/2

When you drop from the Pelican, make a 180-degree turn. The intel will be in the set of boxes on the left within your field of vision.

Intel 2/5: Attack Wing Jardam Combat Report

Intel 3/5: Unggoy Science Report

When you reach Commander Palmer, note the direction the Arbiter is facing, which is a set of elevated terrain and some black boxes. The intel is on the boxes.

Intel 4/5: Sangheili Security Officer’s Log

Near Commander Palmer and the Arbiter are the dismembered legs of a decapitated statue. Make your way to the platform right next to one of the legs for the intel.

Intel 5/5: Dr. Halsey: Status (Supplemental)

Travel a little bit deeper into the map and hang a left to find yourself at the same medical station as in Mission 9. Your goal is on one of the terrain platforms hanging over the Covenant below - you'll need to jump up on the large nearby shades/awnings to reach that platform.

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