Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 13: Genesis 

Intel 1/10: Unggoy Personal Log 011

Intel 2/10: Kit Pitlimp’s Adventure Log 4/4

Intel 3/10: Forerunner Record: Echoes 1/3

Intel 4/10: UNSC Intel 1/3

After you pass the Forerunner security gate, note the crashed Pelican on the left side of the tunnel. Climb on top of it to find the intel.

Intel 5/10: Forerunner Record: Echoes 2/3

Intel 6/10: Forerunner Record: Echoes 3/3

Look for a small, intact bridge. Cross it and note the steps-like series of rocks. Climb those rocks to find a scannable Constructor.

Intel 7/10: UNSC Intel 2/3

Before crossing the light bridge, hug the left ridge in the area with the squad of Knights. A data pad will be on top of the ridge.

Intel 8/10: Sangheili Personal Log 839

Intel 9/10: UNSC Intel 3/3

Intel 10/10: Forerunner Record: Threat 1/5

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