Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 12: Battle of Sunaion 

Intel 1/8: Message To Jacul ‘Arach 3/4

Intel 2/8: Chant Of The Guardian

As you reach the second turret, hang a left and head for the hallways to the left. Progress far enough and you should come across the data console.

Intel 3/8: Prayer Of The Guardian

Intel 4/8: Message To Jacul ‘Arach 4/4

This data pad is also in the battleground with the saucer buildings. This time, head to the right side of the map and use the Artemis system to get its precise location.

Intel 5/8: Kit Pitlimp’s Adventure Log 3/4

In the battle area where the Hunters appear, this data pad will be along the right wall of the map (assuming the door the Hunters are blocking is the top of the map). The data pad is sitting on a short pedestal.

Intel 6/8: Ceremonial Sword 5/6

Intel 7/8: Sunaion Officer’s Personal Log

Intel 8/8: Ceremonial Sword 6/6

Before you enter the last battleground of the level (where you meet the Warden Eternal again), hang a left and look for the rubble that forms an upward ramp. The artifact will be near the top of that ramp.

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