Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 10: Enemy Lines 

Intel 1/10: Ceremonial Sword 4/6

Intel 2/10: Message To Jacul ‘Arach 1/4

Intel 3/10: Sangheili Personal Log 449

Once you see the Kraken for the first time during this mission, look for a ledge that requires grabbing a lower ledge first. Feel free to use the Artemis System to locate the intel.

Intel 4/10: Unggoy Personal Log 023

As you approach the first shield generator, look for a small room to the right. The data pad will be found next to a weapon.

Intel 5/10: Message To Jacul ‘Arach 2/4

Intel 6/10: Dear Covenant Please Read

Before you enter the Covenant structure (note the Covenant facial relief art on the wall to the left), look for an elevated platform of rocks nearby. A data pad can be found near the top.

Intel 7/10: Sangheili Personal Log 061

When you enter the largest firefight in the mission, hang a right and look for an inclined man made structure with a couple jackals at the bottom. Walk up the structure to find the data pad next to a couple grenades.

Intel 8/10: Covenant Attack Plan

Intel 9/10: Kit Pitlimp’s Adventure Log 2/4

Immediately after getting past the turret, note the darkened space under the bridge to your left. As you enter that area, look to your right for a fragile wall that you can break. Smash it to find the data pad.

Intel 10/10: Forerunner Record: Search 5/5

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