Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 9: Evacuation 

Intel 1/8: Sangheili Personal Log 383

At the start of the chapter, make a 180-degree turn and head for the arch among the ruins. A data pad can be found there.

Intel 2/8: Honorguard Personal Log 1/2

Intel 3/8: Sangheili Medic’s Personal Log

Intel 4/8: Camp Quartermaster Personal Log

Intel 5/8: Sangheili Linguistics Report

Intel 6/8: Sangheili Personal Log 673

Using the last data pad locale as a frame of reference, head back to Dr. Halsey, then run past her and continue to head straight. Look for a rock formation near a lone Elite, then climb up the rocks until you can make a jump to the top of a nearby column. Then jump on the column. Upon landing, you should have a view of the Pelican on the ground below and to the right. Grab the data pad on top of the column.

Intel 7/8: Dr. Halsey: Status

Intel 8/8: Do Not Open

Face Commander Palmer at the Pelican, then head right toward the ruins with the Covenant statues. Climb up a few levels around the statues to find the final piece of intel in this chapter.

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