Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 15: Guardians 

Intel 1/10: Forerunner Record: Alive 5/5

Intel 2/10: Forerunner Record: Alive 2/5

Intel 3/10: Sangheili Personal Log 881

Intel 4/10: Sangheili Personal Log 709 1/2

When you reach Alpha Core, look for the crashed Phantom and a data pad next to it.

Intel 5/10: UNSC Cockpit Recording

At Gamma Core, look for the crashed Pelican on the ridge. Approach the Pelican from its right side to easily reach the data pad.

Intel 6/10: Sangheili Personal Log 709 2/2

Intel 7/10: Forerunner Record: Alive 3/5

In the same area with the Ghost and the turrets, face the giant Cryptum sphere and head right. Look for another high ridge and climb it to reach the intel. Use the Artemis system you need assistant to find its precise location.

Intel 8/10: Sangheili Personal Log 977

Assuming the giant Cryptum sphere is the north point of the map, stand in the middle of the map and face the sphere. Head northwest toward Epsilon core. Before you pass the snowy arch, climb the rocks on the left to find the intel.

Intel 9/10: UNSC Personal Log

Intel 10/10: Forerunner Record: Alive 4/5

Congratulations, you've found every piece of Mission Intel in Halo 5: Guardians and unlocked the Hunt the Truth achievement.

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