Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

The Mission Intel in Halo 5 are your standard issue FPS collectibles. You’ll find these treasures of information scattered throughout the campaign, from six pick-ups in one sortie to as many as 12 in the next. The appearance of intel varies from mission to mission; it can look like a futuristic optical disc or as an audio download accessed through a command console.

If you’re a fan of Halo’s lore, then consider these pick-ups essential - and you’ll also earn a couple achievements in the process. While these pieces of intel aren’t as hard to find as the Skulls, getting them all does require an obsessive compulsive degree of thoroughness, which is why our guide is here to help you out.

We've listed the intel in the order in which you can find them in a given mission. That said, this is not the same order in which they’re listed in the Mission Intel submenus during the missions. Remember that you can also use Spartan Locke’s Artemis System (where you bring up the waypoint indicator) to get a hint of the locations of nearby intel.

Table of Contents:

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