Halo 5: Guardians Mission Intel location guide

Mission 8: Swords Of Sanghelios 

Intel 1/12: Ceremonial Sword 3/6

When you start the mission, head to the cliffside structure on your right. The sword will be on the damaged steps.

Intel 2/12: Patrol Log: Scout ‘Ghattam

Intel 3/12: Ceremonial Sword 1/6

Intel 4/12: Patrol Log - Scout ‘Thrun

When you reach the first Shade Turret, head right. You should see a small cave with a dead Elite and the data pad.

Intel 5/12: Patrol Log - Scout ‘Hakkat

Intel 6/12: Patrol Log - Scout ‘Makesh

Intel 7/12: Ceremonial Sword 2/6

Intel 8/12: Sangheili Personal Log 503

When you exit the ruins, the open horizon will reveal Covenant ships in the background pursuing the Arbiter. From there, head left and explore the small set of cliffs to find the data log.

Intel 9/12: Kit Pitlimp’s Adventure Log

Advance through the level until you reach a severely damaged bridge, one you can only cross by boost jumping. Before you cross it, drop down one level and backtrack a couple paces to find the data pad.

Intel 10/12: Message to Kitun’Arach 1/2

When you receive the Mantis, move on to the next area. Note the dismembered statue on the right. Climb the torso of the statue, then jump up to reach the platform above (it might take multiple attempts). Make a left and head down the path to find the data pad.

Intel 11/12: Message to Kitun’Arach 2/2

This data pad is found in the large area before entering the Council Chamber. When you enter the area, move forward along the left side and into a hole in the wall. Advance down the now-darkened path until you reach a small circular area with a sculpture. The data pad is at the base of the sculpture.

Intel 12/12: Sangheili Personal Log 139

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