Gen V might have messed up The Boys timeline with this small detail

Asa Germann and Lizze Broadway in Gen V
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Gen V's place on The Boys timeline seems like a given – the college-set spin-off takes place after the events of the original show's third season, but before The Boys season 4. However, one minor character may have thrown the timeline at large into disarray: Godolkin's invisible RA, Maverick (Nicholas Hamilton), who's the son of the Supe Translucent. 

"So I was re watching The Boys and in the first few episodes where Hughie and Starlight are going bowling, Hughie asks Starlight about Translucent," wrote one Redditor. "Starlight says that he likes to spend a lot of time with his 10 year old son 'Maverick'. 

"Now obviously the Maverick in Gen V comes to mind as his son because he has the same name and powers. However, If that truly is Translucent’s son, then Maverick is college age in Gen V, which would mean that Starlight and Houghie had that conversation at least 8 years prior to Gen V. So I’m not sure if Maverick is Translucent’s son or if Gen V is in the future or if the writers just messed up a little bit."

It's a good point, but another Reddit user thinks the answer is pretty simple. "[In] my personal opinion season one was made without thinking about the future of the show and spin-offs," they commented. "They clearly retconned his age as far back as season 2 or Starlight was just wrong about how old he was," added another. "Because the actor who plays him in season 2 is visibly a teenager when if he was 10 in season 1 he’d be max 11 in season 2 with a recent birthday."

We haven't seen too much of Maverick in Gen V (literally), but, when we do, he's often with his alpaca-shaped girlfriend Sloan. "I wish they would explain Sloan," a Redditor added in the thread. "I’m guessing she’s a shapeshifter, but I would like to understand better." 

The Gen V finale airs this week on Prime Video. For more on the show, check out the rest of our coverage: 

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