Why is there an alpaca in Gen V episode 5? The Boys fans have questions

Derek Luh and Jaz Sinclair in Gen V episode 5
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Gen V episode 5 introduced a new character – and she's not what we've come to expect from the God U student body. For one thing, she's got four legs and is covered in fur…

"How come no one mentioned the llama(alpaca?) Is she just a super powered llama? A girl that can turn into a llama?  Did no one notice her walking the invisible boy on a leash kink style? Or was everyone distracted by the dolphin girl getting her rocks off by the speedster?" asked one Redditor. "I just really want to know what’s with the random llama lol."

"I really hope it was a shapeshifter and he’s just into freaky shit lol. It was so random," another viewer replied. The alpaca in question (llamas are bigger, albeit similar-looking animals) is named Sloane, and we first see her in the aftermath of the party at Dusty's and again in the corridor of the residence halls. 

After waking up from their blackout, Andre (Chance Perdomo) and Cate (Maddie Phillips) appear nonplussed by an alpaca roaming the house and greet her normally. She seems to be the girlfriend of Maverick (Nicholas Hamilton), the invisible RA at Godolkin.

"Well we did see Sloane at the college when Maverick was talking to Jordan. And it seemed like Cate and Andre knew them, so I am assuming Sloane goes to God U," replied another user. "A fuckin college going llama lol, my brain hurts," the OP responded.

Some viewers seemed to be more distracted by the aforementioned "dolphin girl," with another Redditor writing: "I literally had to turn on the audio description track for the scene with the blowhole girl because I couldn’t understand what was even meant to be happening, even rewinding it a couple times. The AD track for that scene made me die laughing though."

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