Fury's Deathblows exposed

Sept 12, 2007

Auran just might be on to something. In aworld full of World of Warcraft clones, the Australian developer is looking to make a new kind of MMO. They've taken out everything that tires us: the grinding, repetitive quests, killing boars, and wasting away in the looking-for-group channel. Instead, they're focusing on crafting a fast-paced title that caters exclusively to the PvP crowd.

Levels are littered with power ups and jump pads, making Fury feel like a cross between Unreal Tournament and Guild Wars. In addition to its frenetic pace, Fury brings the pain with a collection of gruesome finishers called Deathblows.

Above: Congratulations. You are now double jointed

Think of Deathblows as the MMO equivalent oftea baggingorMortal Kombat Fatalities. Nothing feels better than rubbing your victory (or digital crotch) in your opponents' face. So feast your eyes on the video below to see how you can finish your foes in style with a truly savage send off.

Although we've got some concerns about Fury's frame rate, our overall experience in theclosed betawas quite positive. But don't take our word for it. The beta is open to all now, and you can start dealing out Deathblows yourself. Headhere to sign up for an early taste of the game before it launches on October 9.