Deadline-mageddon in SFX Towers as three mags race for the finish line

It’s suddenly become awfully nippy outside, but in SFX Towers temperatures are running hot as the team works their fingers to the nubs to get not one but two magazines ready for the presses. Nubby fingers aren’t pretty you know – the things we do for sci-fi.

Work on the next-but-one special is also well underway in the office, which has caused no end of confusion for production editor Russell, who was working on no less than five magazines simultaneously this time last week, the workaholic.

The talk of SFX towers this week of course was news of that Buffy remake sans-Monsieur Whedon. Reactions among the team ranged from “sacrilege!” to “sacrilege!”, with an afterthought of “Wasn’t Buffy brilliant?” If you hadn’t noticed, in topical fashion, we’ve also decided to dedicate our next Wishlist (or should that be un-Wishlist?) to Buffy 2.0 – give us your thoughts on the forum here .

If Buffy was a slap round the face, news of Marky Mark Wahlberg’s casting in the Uncharted adaptation was a full-blown kick in the pills for Jordan, who has written off the film after director David O Russell passed on (the obviously perfect for the part) Nathan Fillion. He refuses to talk about the matter but is in good spirits this morning after a night spent re-watching episodes 3 and 4 of Misfits and the latest episode of Chuck – a dangerously funny two and a quarter hours of TV guaranteed to make you feel warm and funny inside. He also urges everyone to vote for the SFX Awards 2011 before the polls close – in particular this line from Chuck : “Cool, a tiny weapons standoff.” Anyone who knows what he’s talking about vote here now .

Ian is on tenterhooks waiting for the boxes of our latest Doctor Who special to turn up – they’re on their way, apparently! In the meantime, he’s pumping industrial doses of Lemsip and Ibuprofen into his body in a desperate attempt to counteract the total system crash that occurs when the deadline adrenaline wears off and your body says, “Hang on a minute! I haven’t slept properly for two months!” Hopefully he can cling onto life long enough to write our Being Human feature for issue 204, otherwise you might end up with four or five pages that are just an empty space for you to do some colouring in.

This weekend sees Collectormania return to London, sorry the “Entertainment Media Show”, where team SFX will be competing in the Ultimate Film Quiz to be aired in part at a later date on Sky Movies. We need all the support we can get so anyone attending come and watch us triumph magnificently/crash and burn.

Ade is in London today checking out what Universal have planned for 2011 (ads managers need to keep ahead of the game you know) while yesterday it was Dave G who took a trip down to the Big City to interview the cast of Outcasts for He saw a trailer while he was there but has been sworn to secrecy, though he did exclusively reveal [BANG] “Dave? Is that blood?”…


Random Discussion Of The Week : With the cold weather the woolly jumpers also came out this week in SFX towers, or is it a fleece? That’s the question which kept the team occupied for an embarrassingly long period of time this morning as confusion raged over one team member’s baffling fleece/jumper hybrid dubbed a “Flumper” by no-one but us. Vote in the poll below and help us solve our pointless office debate.

Random Quote Of The Week : “You all really hate me.”

Whose Flumper ? (Last week’s answer: It was Ian’s t-shirt!)

Jordan Farley

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