Batmobiles, workaholics and a trip to the set of Matthew Graham’s new show in this week’s peek behind the viewscreen

It’s awfully quiet in SFX Towers today with no less than four crucial components of the SFX hive mind MIA. Three of them are on holiday (boring!) but one of them has just seen Batman Live ’s Batmobile revealed (electrifying!) You can also check out a video of the sleek new Batcar elsewhere on the site.

In other news, issue 211 finally went to press. No spoilers, but there’s a great free gift for every reader with it which we’ll talk more about next week. Speaking of our new issue we’re still interested to hear your opinions on the recent SFX redesign. Sending us your thoughts couldn’t be easier - turn to page 102 of the latest issue ( SFX 210) for all the details of our reader survey.

Issue 211 going to press also means it’s all steam ahead on issue 212, but not before Ade, Dave B and publisher Clair find time to boogie on down at Manga Entertainment’s 20th anniversary party tomorrow - last train back, no doubt. Jordan’s also in London town tomorrow to spend three hours playing videogames, and then will no doubt return home counting the minutes until he has a copy of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS in his quaking mits. We think he’s a wee bit excited. Rob meanwhile is the one in London today to see the Batmobile and, later, Shrek the Musical . He’s taking his mum along too. Bless.

Rich and Dave B have finally learned the time and location of their Comic-Con panel – Thursday 21 July 6:30pm in room 4, topic: “So, you want to be a sci-fi journalist?” While we're there, we'll also be giving away this genuine prop, as seen in Spider-Man 2 ! If you’re in San Diego next month for the biggest event in the calendar, go and see them. If not, book a flight now!

Yesterday Rich had a lovely day in beautiful York on the set of Life On Mars creators Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah’s new angels/lawyer show Eternal Law – thanks to everyone at ITV and Kudos! He’s also watched the last couple of episodes of Primeval ’s fifth series, and it’s proper “can’t wait to see what happens next” stuff. And he’s finishing off his Super 8 review.

Dave Golder is technically on holiday but still came in yesterday to talk Spoiler Zone and later uploaded his Primeval review. He’s a trooper that Golder. Jordan on the other hand has been taking his work home with him and has started watching pre-McGann episodes of Doctor Who for the first time ever. So far he’s endured/enjoyed “The Pyramids Of Mars”, “Logopolis”, “The Face Of Evil”, “Earthshock”, “Revenge Of The Cybermen” and “The Two Doctors” – all on stone age VHS. Who knew VHS players still existed? It’s been particularly painful for Jordan – a HD snob – but from here it’s DVD all the way, baby!


Random Quote of the Week : “Is it bad that I don’t have time to go on a time management course?”

Whose Swimshorts? (Yes, these really are on the back of a chair in the office. Last week’s answer: they were Nick’s Daleks!)

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