Issue 201 goes right to the wire and there’s a sneaky peek at our latest cover

It’s rather apt then that the cover of our latest issue should feature a gruesome image from the most anticipated comic-book adaptation of the year. Nope, it’s not Jonah Hex (which, despite being less than 80 minutes, managed to send Jordan asleep earlier this week) but Frank Darabont’s ace-looking adaptation of The Walking Dead ! Like some kind of zombie Light Brigade our complete guide to the show leads the charge in our massive 2011 TV preview issue featuring exclusive news on Fringe , Supernatural , Being Human , Smallville and Matt Smith’s stint on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Out 22 September it’s worth rising from the grave for, particularly as it almost sent a couple on the team to an early one.

Any Walking Dead fans might also want to check out the massive interviews with comic creators Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard in Comic Heroes issue 3, out 16 September. Check back next week for the first images.

With half of team SFX working their little socks off till the wee hours in the first half of the week then, our regular Monday flatplan meeting (where the section eds go through each page and the rest of us make up excuses about why we still haven’t finished our work) had to be postponed till today. Each week it takes about an hour, but that’s small fry compared to the marathon six-hour session we’ll be having tomorrow ahead of our post-200 redesign. Brace yourself for a bigger, better, swankier-looking SFX in the near future.

As if that wasn’t enough meetings for one week, Dave B and Nick are also meeting with the fine publishing folk from Tor today for a spot of lunch and a chat about books. Our long-serving ads manager Ade meanwhile is mega chuffed at receiving an invite to the forthcoming Doctor Who Monsters tour in London, and more tickets yesterday to Madam Tussauds Marvel Waxworks Exhibition. Jammy so and so.

Russell’s been beavering away on a future Anatomy Of A Classic on one of his favourite films, The Truman Show . It gives him the excuse to watch and rewatch and rewatch his hero Jim Carrey in action. In other news Ian’s taking advantage of the short-lived post-deadline relief by taking a trip to New York! Today he’s scaling the Empire State Building, no doubt hoping to spot a giant ape or two. Rich is still spending his every waking minute (and a more than a few sleeping ones) on his Joss Whedon special and Jordan went to Bath’s Little Cinema for the first time this week. He was very impressed by the cozy seating and free magazines in the loo. Much like in the SFX office then.


Random Quote Of The Week: “The extra inches make all the difference.”

Random discussion of the week: Russell’s declaration that he owns not one but two sheds left the rest of the team slightly bewildered as to why. Ian suggested the spare one was for storing dead bodies. The real reason Russell declared somewhat menacingly: “storing technology I no longer need.”

Whose shoes? (last week’s answer: it was Rich’s T-shirt!)

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

I'm the Deputy Editor at Total Film magazine, overseeing the features section of every issue where you can read exclusive, in-depth interviews and see first-look images from the biggest films. I was previously the News Editor at sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie bible SFX. You'll find my name on news, reviews, and features covering every type of movie, from the latest French arthouse release to the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. My work has also featured in Official PlayStation Magazine and Edge.