Where to find Fortnite Battlebuses and how to drive them

Fortnite Battlebuses
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Fortnite Battlebuses have appeared in the game since the very beginning, floating across the skies and delivering combatant to the island below as party tunes blare out. However, for the first time players can now take control of a Fortnite Battle Bus during the battle royale, and they're a formidable machine to come up against. If you're focusing on the Fortnite Quests then these vehicles have now featured in several of them, giving you another reason to track them down in Fortnite. If you're ready to take control of a rolling fortress then we have the Fortnite Battlebuses locations you need to know, along with details of how to drive Battlebuses and visit Gas Stations in a Battlebus.

Fortnite Battlebuses locations

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Fortnite Battlebuses tend to be parked up in areas that are under the control of the Resistance, which means there currently aren't many of them around, but the number is likely to increase as you assist with the fight back across the island. If you want to board one then head to the following locations:

  1. South side of the main workshop building in Synapse Station
  2. On the path by the southeast Sanctuary building
  3. South side of the main The Daily Bugle buildings

Bear in mind that this currently means there are only three Fortnite Battlebuses available in each match, so if another player has arrived before you and driven away in it then you'll have to look elsewhere or try again next time.

How to drive Battlebuses in Fortnite

Fortnite Battlebuses

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As with other vehicles, when you first enter one of the Fortnite Battlebuses you'll be in the driving seat with the standard controls for accelerating, braking, boosting etc. However, the bus has a further six seating positions that you can switch between or fill with a squadmate, making it the highest capacity vehicle available in the game. After the Drive seat you have the Front Gunner position with a heavy turret, Rear Gunner position with a light turret, then Front Left, Front Right, Back Left, and Back Right seats, before looping back around to Drive again. Even when you're on your own, you can easily switch to one of the mounted turrets and deal damage before swapping back to carry on driving.

How to visit Gas Stations in a Battlebus in Fortnite

Fortnite Gas Stations map

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Once you've obtained one of the Fortnite Battlebuses, there's a quest available to visit Gas Stations in a Battlebus. For this you need to drive to a total of three different Fortnite Gas Stations, which we've marked on the map above, though you don't have to visit all of these in the same match. Each of the Battlebus locations has three Gas Stations within reasonable distance, so as long as you don't run into trouble you should be able to tick off this challenge in one go.

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