Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Tuddlefingers 3 of 7
2. Loinsigh 6 of 11
3. Tuddlefingers 4 of 7
4. Loinsigh 3 of 11
5. Loinsigh 4 of 11
6. Loinsigh 5 of 11

Tuddlefingers 3 of 7

Immediately at the start, to the right. If you miss this one, you have no eyes.

Loinsigh 6 of 11

Head into the first tower, kill the bots, then head down the ramp. DO NOT SMASH THE CONSOLE YET! Go through the doors on the right or left (doesn’t matter), loop back through the hallways, and you’ll find a journal behind some crates in the center.

Tuddlefingers 4 of 7

Fight your way into the second tower, head down the ramp, and the journal is at the end of the main lower room. I dare you to miss it!

Loinsigh 3 of 11

You’ll enter the second shield generator tower from the top. As you descend, make sure to keep an eye on the long, circular ledges as you take vertical cover. Next to a locked circular hatch, you should see the journal.

Loinsigh 4 of 11

After you’ve taken down the shield generators and unleashed the Archon, you’ll notice you can now enter the area in the center of the map that was once domed off. Inside this large space is a journal on the ground right next to an ammo cache.

Loinsigh 5 of 11

As you fly down through the tunnel don’t worry about stopping to look for a journal, as it’s not until the very end. Once you get into the sealed hangar, don’t bother killing anything just yet. Instead, fly straight up into the rafters. This journal’s about as hidden as they come.