Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Loinsigh 7 of 11
2. Loinsigh 9 of 11
3. Turner 1 of 1
4. E.L. 2 of 2
5. Loinsigh 8 of 11
6. Delacroix 1 of 3
7. Delacroix 2 of 3

Loinsigh 7 of 11

Right at the start of Chapter 2, leap off the ship and fly towards the tent on a low lying cliff face. It’s the only tent that’s open with a soldier hanging out in front; you can’t miss it. Inside be your journal!

Loinsigh 9 of 11

Head over to the Ark (the giant space shuttle thingy) and fly down to the bridge way beneath it. You should see a journal smack dab in the middle.

Turner 1 of 1

Walk inside the barracks and look to your left, just past the dormant soldiers. There’s a journal by the equipment table.

E.L. 2 of 2

Head to the top of the giant Ark. Sitting atop an AA Gun control tower is a journal. Who the hell left that there?!

Loinsigh 8 of 11

Look in the middle of the area and you can see some precariously hanging tents. Hover up to the suspended platforms and you can clearly make out the journal.

Delacroix 1 of 3

After you’ve left the second area, look for two thin metal bridges that come together on a thin rock ledge. They’re there for no other reason than to hold your journal.

Delacroix 2 of 3

As you make your way through the indoor corridor, look for a weapons cache just beyond some cowering village folk. We wish we could show you exactly where it is, but we accidently walked over it without recording – it’s that easy to find!