Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Tuddlefingers 5 of 7
2. Tuddlefingers 6 of 7
3. E.L. 1 of 2
4. A.E.W 1 of 4
5. A.E.W. 3 of 4
6. A.E.W. 4 of 4
7. A.E.W. 2 of 4

Tuddlefingers 5 of 7

Right at the start of the level. Hard to see, but it’s right in front of you, just to the right.

Tuddlefingers 6 of 7

As you’re facing down the canyon, toward the first blue enemy turret, jet pack up and to your left. The journal is obscured a bit by the weeds, but it’s up on that ledge.

E.L. 1 of 2

In the second set of underground ruins, on the ramp at the end, right behind a burning torch.

A.E.W. 1 of 4

After you kill the two turret bots, you and Atem will part ways underneath the unlit torches. Just behind the ammo cache is a journal.

A.E.W. 3 of 4

Defeat the Watcher transport’s bot delployment first, otherwise you’ll have a helluva time getting the journal alive. After you’ve killed them all, the journal is just under the transport blending into the ground.

A.E.W 4 of 4

After you’ve defeated the transport deployment, let your allies take out the transporter so you can have plenty of time to nab the journal. If you look towards the pyramid behind you, the journal is on the left side, on a ledge just across from a large tent.

A.E.W. 2 of 4

Just as you’re entering the temple with Atem, jump across the pool of water and look behind the left column: Journal City!