Dark Void Journal Guide

Above: Catchin’ ‘em all will also net you a kickass Trophy/Achievement

-The first and last chapters, Prologue and The Tower of Return, DO NOT contain any hidden journals, so set your minds at ease!
-Sometimes Journals will not be found in numerical order.
-We strongly recommend you go in the order we’ve listed out. Some Journals you can run back for, others may require you to restart a chapter.
-Dark Void is DARK! Many of these images were brightened for your sake, sometimes at a loss of quality – Sorry Capcom!


Journal Order:
1. Earhart 1 of 3
2. Loinsigh 1 of 11
3. Earhart2 of 3
4. Loinsigh 2 of 11
5. Akasha 1 of 2
6. Akasha 2 of 2
7. Earhart 3 of 3

Earhart 1 of 3

After defeating a small army of Watcher robots on the other end of a ravine, cross the log bridge. Before you ascend up the ramp, duck into the small enclave on your left. BAM: 1st Journal!

Loinsigh 1 of 11

After you’ve used the turret to dispose an onslaught of enemies, run down the stairs, but don’t cross the walkway just yet. Just to the left of the rail is a not-so-well hidden journal.

Earhart 2 of 3

Once you come to a waterfall, you should be able to make out an ammo cache. Just to the right of that, partially obscured by rock is a journal.

Loinsigh 2 of 11

Right after you’ve learned about vertical cover and scaled down the cliff face, you’ll see a rope bridge on the right. Before you cross, head through the two columns to find another journal.

Akasha 1 of 2

Cross the rope bridge and head towards the weapons cache. You can’t miss it.

Akasha 2 of 2

Upon entering the giant area with the standing water keep left, heading towards the bots that are firing at you. Just behind a giant tree root is a journal clearly visible in the brush.

Earhart 3 of 3

You’ll enter another redish cave where a Watcher drone will engage you on the left. Take him out but don’t head that way just yet. Instead go straight, between the two burning pyres and find a journal hidden in the foliage.