Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. FT-91 1 of 7
2. FT-91 3 of 7
3. FT-91 2 of 7
4. FT-91 4 of 7
5. Tiare 4 of 5
6. Teague 1 of 3
7. Tuddlefingers 1 of 7

FT-91 1 of 7

After you’ve ascended the first cliff face vertical section, you’ll encounter a robot assault on flat ground amidst some crates. Clear them out then head towards the floating red tech orb. The journal is to your left – you can’t miss it!

FT-91 3 of 7

Leap of Faith! After another vertical cover area pull yourself up to the second to last ledge and look to your left. You’ll see a ledge with a tree growing out of it. Leap over there and continue heading around the mountain and find a well hidden journal next to a purple orb.

FT-91 2 of 7

Another Leap of Faith (of a different sort!). You have to jump through down a hole you can’t see the bottom of. Take care to hover, since there’s a ledge just before the floor where the journal is not-so-well-hidden right next to some plane wreckage.

FT-91 4 of 7

Don’t worry about scouring the next downward tunnel, since there are only tech point orbs here (although you’ll want to get as many of those as you can, too!). Once you emerge from the tunnel, a not-at-all-hidden journal practically marks where you’re supposed to land.

Tiare 4 of 5

Right after you get the last part and you’re told to go look for the Sonar Box, look to the trees to the left of the husk of the old plane. Journal!

Teague 1 of 3

Immediately after getting the Sonar Box off of the ship mast and the cutscene that follows, you’ll be started at the bow of the dangling U.S.S Cyclops. LOOK DOWN! There’s a journal sitting in a dangling dinghy!

Tuddlefingers 1 of 7

You’ll ascend the U.S.S Cyclops mostly using vertical cover. Be sure to look behind you after you pass a stack of crates. Thar be a journal!