Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Tiare 5 of 5
2. Tuddlefingers 2 of 7
3. Teague 2 of 3
4. Teague 3 of 3
5. FT-91 5 of 7
6. FT-91 6 of 7
7. FT-91 7 of 7

Tiare 5 of 5

Defeat the flying Knight, then jetpack over the gap. Look to your left, there’ll be another gap to jetpack over. You’ll clearly see an ammo cache, but just to the left of the campfire is a slightly camouflaged journal.

Tuddlefingers 2 of 7

Clear the field of baddies and head up the ramp on the left toward two huts. Inside a small enclave is a journal.

Teague 2 of 3

Jet pack across this small gap, and you should see a faint glisten in the window. Land just under the flaming roof of the hut and look to your left: Journal!

Teague 3 of 3

As you head into the flaming ruins, you’ll get to a flaming pyre where you’re supposed to head left. Look straight ahead, just over a jumpable embankment and you should be able to faintly make out a journal inside a hole in the wall.

FT-91 5 of 7

You’ll head into a larger room with a lot of Watcher bots guarding a giant ramp straight ahead. To your right is a smaller ramp, that leads up into some rooms. Run, or jet pack, up to the doorway pictured above and look to your left for another journal.

FT-91 6 of 7

At the very start of the “Find Your Way to the Top of the Monolith” portion of the level look to the left. You’ll see several columns erected in the pits. The furthest one from you has a journal.

FT-91 7 of 7

Simply progress as normal. You should see the familiar glow of the journal between two flames.