Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Frenelli 1 of 3
2. Frenelli 2 of 3
3. Frenelli 3 of 3

Frenelli 1 of 3

By far the hardest journal to find! Right when you start the level, keep your eyes peeled for a leaning rock spire. Not fallen, leaning. When you see it, turn left at the small break in the towering rocks and head to the other side of the plateau. Look down and you’ll see a ledge far below. The journal is pretty much camouflaged by the rock’s texture, so you’ll have to look closely even when standing on the ledge.

Frenelli 2 of 3

After rewiring the control boxes to free the prisoners, you’ll head into a hallway. Once in the dark room, kill the baddie and look behind the structure to your immediate left. There’s a journal hidden right behind it.

Frenelli 3 of 3

Once you enter the second hangar, ignore the knight and head all the way up to the top of the room. The middle platform that overlooks everything is also home to a journal.