Dark Void Journal Guide

Journal Order:
1. Delacroix 3 of 3
2. Anonymous 1 of 2
3. Loinsigh 10 of 11
4. Loinsigh 11 of 11

Delacroix 3 of 3

Right at the start simply turn to find a most inviting looking tent. There’s a journal resting on the table.

Anonymous 1 of 2

Face the Ark and follow the giant hose coming out of it to the right. In between the tube and a cliff face is a journal resting on a manmade structure.

Loinsigh 10 of 11

Fly as high as you can in between the Ark and the face of the cliff. Look for a door marked by a yellow light. On this small ledge is a journal.

Loinsigh 11 of 11

Just like above. Look for a lower door on a lower ledge. Another journal!