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Dark Void Journal Guide

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Contrary to the title of the mission, there’s only a single journal here. Inside the belly of the beast, find the enemy transporter. On the darkened deck of the ship is the singular journal next to a weapons cache.


Journal Order:
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Marks 1 of 2

Right after bursting through the Watcher Jumbo-Tron, you’ll ascend a hallway and make your way into a luminescent room. Head to the back of the room and find the journal between the blue wall and some crates BEFORE dropping through the hole.

Marks 2 of 2

As you descend down the hanger room with lots of vertical cover, keep an eye out for a long rail lining the wall. Look for the recognizable glow of the journal just a few levels up from the floor.

Kasel 1 of 1

After you’ve taken the elevator to the very bottom of the hangar and disposed of the baddies down there, you’ll see your allies engaged in a firefight just down a ramp. Ignore them for a moment, and look for a crate structure resembling a staircase. Hop up there and jump across to the circular platform (where the laser bots used to be) and you’ll find a journal in the darkened area next to an inoperable door.

Congratulations, your Void is the Darkest! Please enjoy your Achievement/Trophy.

Jan 20, 2010