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Friday Link-A-Mania

Frankenstein , Fringe , The Wolverine , Superman , X-Men: First Class

“Modern” Frankenstein Film In Development
Sony is set to bring a modern twist on Frankenstein to the big screen, reports Deadline . Writer Craig Fernandez pitched to the studio and will write the script, with Matt Tolmach, a former co-president of Sony Pictures, and now a freelancer, producing. But how come we always get modern takes on old stories? How about taking a few modern stories and setting them in the past? Batman during the Great Fire Of London? Buffy during the Salem witch trails? A prehistoric Transformers with pitched battles against dinosaurs? Or the one everybody always wants – a Victorian X-Files ?

Fringe ’s Move To Fridays Is An Opportunity, Not A Threat
Fringe ’s producers have clearly been taking management courses, promising fans – like bosses promising employees that a demotion isn’t a precursor to the sack – that the show’s move to the Friday night “death slot” in the States is an opportunity, not a threat of looming cancellation. “We are excited," JH Wyman tells Blastr . “We think it’s open territory that can be conquered. We really do believe our fans are loyal. I believe they’re going to follow. It’s a chance for us to get away from that statement that Friday night is not an opportune night. We believe we can actually deliver like The X-Files did.” “We wanted to be able to tell our audience the ongoing, long arcing story that we have planned for our characters,” adds Jeff Pinkner. “It's funny, there are more Fringe fans in the building at Fox then any show we've ever worked on before. I think they and we all feel that if we can build a fan base on and carve out some territory on Friday night, we can be there for years.”

The Wolverine Will Be “A Little Bit Different”
Director Darren Aronofsky has been talking to MTV’s Splash Page about his plans for the Wolverine sequel: “To be honest, I haven't really started working on it. I haven’t even started to put my brain into it. Black Swan comes out Friday, so I’ve been really focused on that, but in about three weeks I’ll start to dive in and start to figure it out. I have a feeling that by the time I get done with it, it will be something a little bit different. I thought the script was great and I love Hugh Jackman, so we’ll see where it goes. But I don’t have any titbits — you’re not going to get anything out of me. I have nothing to say because I really haven’t started to get into it.”

X-Men Actor Says It Takes Him Four Hours To Become The Beast
Nic Hoult, who’ll be playing The Beast in X-Men First Class , has been talking to The Wokingham Times (he went to school in the Berkshire Town) about his transformation into the blue, hairy mutant. “It’s going well, it’s a lot of fun. We are coming towards the end of filming but there is still a fair bit to do. Some days it can be four hours getting the prosthetics and stuff on. We should be finished just before Christmas.”

Superman Movie Composer Confirmed
Hans Zimmer, famous for writing the scores to such films as Sherlock Holmes and The Dark Knight , has been confirmed as the composer for Zack Snyder’s Superman , reports MTV’s Splash Page . “It’s a hard one,” says Zimmer, “but I followed one of the most iconic things on Batman with [Christopher Nolan] as well, and it’s the same thing. You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist. That’s the job. On Gladiator I remember people always talking about Spartacus and I kept telling them, ‘When you saw Spartacus and how it affected it you, that’s how I want a modern audience to be affected by what we do now.’ So I think ultimately you’re supposed to reinvent.”