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Fortnite Satellite Stations locations

Fortnite satellite stations locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite satellite stations are dotted around the map. Handy if you're trying to carry an alien sample from a Satellite Station dish to Corny Complex, which is itself another satellite station. As well as this week 9 quest if you can find one of these locations you can usually get a good range of great loot to claim - both from chests and special crates, as well as a range of Fortnite characters you can find wandering about. Just be careful with the Fortnite IO Guards. If you defeat them you can claim their Pulse Rifle, or you can shake one down if you've knocked them o get info about the surrounding area. Just be ready for a fight as there's usually more than one and once you attack they'll all know. 

These satellite stations have been established by the Imagined Order to survey and research all the alien activity on the Fortnite island and while these bases are full of loot and goodies, smashing up the computer equipment within is needed for this latest challenge, along with another challenge earlier in the season. These Fortnite satellite stations are also where you can find a body scanner, so for everything you need to know about Fortnite satellite stations, keep reading.

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Fortnite Satellite Stations locations

fortnite io operatives computer

(Image credit: Epic)

There are a total of eight Fortnite satellite stations around the island, and you should be able to spot them when you get close due to their prominent dishes with glowing red lights at the tip. There's also Corny Complex as well which is hidden undergroud, beneath the big red building in that are. Their individual locations are as follows:

  1. Discovery Dish - west of Believer Beach
  2. Dampy Dish - southwest of Slurpy Swamp
  3. Deep Woods Dish- inside Stealthy Stronghold
  4. Defiant Dish - east of Weeping Woods
  5. Destined Dish - southeast of Misty Meadows
  6. Corny Complex -  Underground Base
  7. Dinky Dish - southeast of Craggy Cliffs
  8. Dockside Dish - west of Dirty Docks.

These are handy places to visit, as you're likely to find caches of Fortnite tech weapons as well as Fortnite IO Guards to take down. Once you've loaded up on guns and other useful items, you can use the launchpad outside to fire yourself up into the air, then glide on over to your next destination.

How to destroy equipment at Fortnite Satellite Stations

Fortnite satellite stations how to destroy equipment

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Go inside any of the main buildings at Fortnite satellite stations and you'll see all sorts of equipment, including computers, display screens, control panels, servers, data banks, and much more. For the Week 2 quest you need to destroy 15 pieces of equipment in total, so grab your harvesting tool then smash your way through a couple of offices and you should be done.

How to step onto a body scanner at Fortnite Satellite Stations

Fortnite Satellite Stations locations body scanners

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you need to step onto a body scanner for a particular quest, then again the Fortnite satellite stations can help you out. Look for a small security hut building near the entrance to the station, and inside you'll find a terminal linked to a pad on the ground in the corner you can stand on to be scanned.

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