Fortnite Road Trip Challenges - Road Trip Enforcer skin revealed plus all hidden Battle Stars and Banner locations

The Road Trip Challenges from Fortnite Season 5 are now finished and no longer available. For the similar challenges in Fortnite Season 7, make sure you check out our Fortnite Snowfall Challenges guide.

We've now been through the full 10 weeks of Fortnite Season 5, which means you have the opportunity to complete all nine of the Fortnite Road Trip Challenges and still leave one of the weeks incomplete. For those who don't know, beating seven of them awards you with the Fortnite Road Trip skin, Enforcer, which can be found below. For each week you complete all of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges you'll also receive a new loading screen, which contains a hidden clue to locate some extra Battle Stars.

That applies for the first seven weeks you finish, then for weeks eight and nine you'll find a fancy new banner instead if you follow the clues. The map above shows all nine of the hidden reward locations for the Road Trip Challenges, so read on for the details of exactly where to find the hidden stars and banners, plus information on the other rewards you'll unlock along the way.

Fortnite Road Trip Challenge rewards

If you've managed to complete all of the Battle Pass Challenges in seven different weeks, then congratulations are in order as you've now unlocked a very cool legendary outfit. Along with the Enforcer skin, you also get a legendary Subjugator back bling, allowing you to add a menacing-looking riot shield! Other players will know your dedication to completing those weekly challenges when they see the Enforcer coming their way.

If you collect all the hidden Battle Stars and Banners revealed in the nine loading screens you unlock, as outlined below, then you'll also receive this bonus Dark Reflection loading screen for your trouble. It shows Brite Bomber looking into the Cube, and the reflection looking back taking an evil turn - complete with fire-breathing dragon on her chest instead of a unicorn. Is this a hint that Fortnite Season 6 will take on a darker tone? We'll just have to wait and see.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden Cube Hieroglyphic banner location - 9 Weeks

Six-Sided Mystery

There's another bonus banner available after completing the Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 9. In the unlocked loading screen, showing the Cube giving Rex a good zap, you can make out a banner in the background featuring what appears to be a Cube Hieroglyph. The distinctive bridge in the background reveals the location to be southeast of Shifty Shafts, so head there.

Approach the bridge from the south, and aim for the lower cliff face at ground level next to the river.

Build up to the cliff face from ground level, and the banner will appear when you get close to the cliff.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden Tomatohead banner location - 8 Weeks

Tomato Trek

This season the rewards don't end after you've got all seven hidden Battle Stars. Complete the Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 8 to unlock another loading screen, showing the newly formed Tomato Temple location. On the side of the temple you can see a carving of a Tomatohead banner, so head to Tomato Temple and we'll show you where to find it.

Approach the temple from the west side and aim for the base area with three doorways.

Build up between the left and centre doorways to make the hidden Tomatohead banner appear.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 7 Weeks

Signing Back In

The loading screen for Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 7 shows the Motel sign returning through a rift, ridden by several Enforcers - the skin you unlock after 7 weeks. If you look closely at the wall in the background you'll spot the hidden Battle Stars, so make your way to the Motel west of Lazy Links...

As you drop in, aim for the swimming pool area to the north of the Motel.

On top of the wall between the swimming pool and the car park, the Battle Stars will appear as you approach.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 6 Weeks

Opening Night

It's a straightforward pointer for Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 6's loading screen. The hidden Battle Stars are on the back of the red truck in Risky Reels with the cooler on the back, so head to Risky Reels...

...and as you glide in head for the front row of cars, right in front of the screen. 

Look for the red truck with the case on the back and the stars should pop when you get there. 


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 5 Weeks

Blast From The Past

The Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 5 is another picture clue: a small building in a triangle. You can find that here, at the north tip of Pleasant Palms, just where it meets the grass:

Drop there, heading towards the race track and then look for a small pointy building as you glide in with... ta-da! A triangle of cacti around it.

As the loading screen clue suggests, the hidden Battle Stars will be on the roof once you've completed the Road Trip Challenge for the week. It might be best to try and land on the top as you come in, as it's an odd two-story building that's mildly annoying to build up to.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 4 Weeks

Poolside Paradise

Like Week 3, the Road Trip Challenge for Week 4 is a clue - more a literal location than a map grid, and if we zoom in on the ringed area we can see this:

If only there were a place where you could find a camel having a drink in Fortnite. Oh wait, there is - near where the road enters Pleasant Palms at G9 on the map.

Jump and aim for that area and you'll see the camel near the gas station as you glide in: 

The hidden Battle Stars will then appear right on the top of the camels hump, so grab it and bask in the glory of virtual triumph. 


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 3 Weeks

Track Record

The Week 3 Fortnite Road Trip Challenge loading screen is a little different as it doesn't contain a literal pointer to the location of the Battle Stars. Instead you'll have to get your clue from the number plate on the ATK. It reads "J2 - SW" which means the south west of map grid J2. Or here: 

It's actually a tiny bit of the map but to save you running around you'll want to glide into the house with all the building on top of it and a yellow RV next to it. 

When you land you'll find the stars on the usual patch of brown dirt: collect and be happy. 


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 2 Weeks

Fairway Fun

After completing Road Trip Challenges for two different weeks you'll receive this loading screen, showing the group having fun on Fortnite ATKs. Given the activities taking place it's not hard to establish this next location is the Lazy Links golf course itself, so make your way there.

When you arrive in Lazy Links, you need to get onto the roof of the clubhouse building to the north of the main complex. Head to the top of the highest roof peak and the Road Trip Battle Stars will appear for collection.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 1 Week

Road Trip

Complete the Road Trip Challenge for one week and you'll get this loading screen. Within it you'll find a not very subtle hint to the Road Trip Battle Star location in the form of a literal map. That directs you to the small excavation or quarry area shaped like an umbrella just to the west of what is now Lazy Links.

Head out to the area marked on the map and you'll find the Road Trip Battle Stars on this ledge to the side. REMEMBER: the stars will only appear if you've completed the first Road Trip Challenge, so don't go getting any ideas about popping over there to see if you can steal them without earning them.

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