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Fortnite flower vase locations – where to find them in Lazy Lake

vase of flowers in Lazy Lake in Fortnite for challenge
(Image credit: Epic Games)

This week, Fortnite wants you to grab a flower vase in Lazy Lake. Perhaps they are for a family member or even a lover? Maybe they are just to keep the battle bus smelling fresh? Either way, there are several of these vases of flowers dotted across Lazy Lake, most of which are obviously on display in one of the location’s many buildings (and look just like the image above). You only need to collect one Fortnite flower vase in Lazy Lake , so pick one of the eight locations below, and then dive in and grab it.

Fortnite flower vase locations in Lazy Lake

Fortnite flower vase map for Lazy Lake

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite players can find Lazy Lake – and the flower vases within – towards the southeast of the map, right next to Catty Corner and Retail Row. Most of the vases are just inside some of the many buildings in this location, and are all at ground level, so it will be very easy to find one. You can find them in and around these buildings:

  1. By a window and door in the east side of the house towards the northwest corner.
  2. In the north side of the central building complex. The Fortnite flower vase is in the corner of a room with a stairway inside and next to a window.
  3. In the south side of the central building complex. This Fortnite flower vase is opposite the previous one and next to a doorway.
  4. On the east side of the central building with the big rock next to it. It’s next to a doorway by the rock.
  5. In the backyard gym area on the north side of the building complex to the south.
  6. On the south side of the building complex to the south next to the doorway that leads to the swimming pool.
  7. Behind a pillar next to the swimming pool on the south side of the house in the south.
  8. In the northwest corner of the diner in the south.

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