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Fortnite Candy locations: Where to find and eat Candy in the Fortnitemares event

Fortnite Candy looks delicious, and is every bit a part of the annual Halloween celebrations, so naturally you're going to want to know where to find it. No only do these sweet treats increase your health or shield, but they can also give you extra powers for a limited time such as a speed boost, increased jump height, or even thermal vision. Those working their way through the Fortnite Fortnitemares challenges will need to munch 25 of these confections in total, so being able to gather them up quickly in Fortnite will be a big help. We've already been indulging our sweet tooth to highlight the Fortnite Candy locations you need to know about, so grab your collecting bucket and get ready to load up on sugar.

Fortnite Candy locations

Fortnite Candy locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You can actually find Fortnite Candy locations all over the island, by checking out the spooky Halloween displays around the buildings in any of the Named Locations, as well as those around Fortnite Witch Shacks. You're looking for buckets like the one pictured above, which are chock full of sweets. When you find one, destroy it with a weapon or your harvesting tool and it'll drop several Fortnite Candy treats for you to grab.

Unlike Fortnite foraged items, you don't have the option to consume a Fortnite Candy as soon as you discover it, so you'll first need to put it in your inventory and then use it. Certain items can't be eaten if your health or shield is already at 100, so if you find yourself in that position then you'll need to receive some damage before you can consume them – a fall from a ramp four or more units high will reduce your own health, but you'll need to (carefully) use an explosive to reduce your own shield.

Fortnite Candy locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you want a definitive Fortnite Candy location to start with, then head to the Hey Boo! Halloween superstore just to the west of Holly Hedges. As well as a cool collection of decorations, you'll find several buckets dotted around the store and outside the nearby gas station. Once you've collected them, it's just a short jog up the hill to Holly Hedges, where you can pick up plenty more Fortnite Candy by working your way around all of the house displays. Chomp down 25 candies in total, and you'll have another of your challenges completed.

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