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First look at Fight Club 2 comic book artwork

In a few months Dark Horse Comics will be publishing Fight Club 2, a ten-comic series pegged as a sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel. We know this, because Tyler knows this.

And, because, Rolling Stone got their hands on some of the artwork drawn by comic book illustrator Cameron Stewart:

During a panel at Comic-Con 2013, Palahniuk said that the sequel series - which he penned - will take place ten years after the events of Fight Club. Described as a “pill-popping drone,” the previously-unnamed narrator is now married to Marla and has adopted the pseudonym Sebastian.

Together they have a 9-year old son, and share an itching feeling that all is not well. That’ll probably be his alter-ego Tyler Durden, clawing for control. The author went on to insinuate however, that Durden’s origins will be explored, and hinted that he may be more than an “aberration that's popped into [the narrator's] mind."

The original counterculture novel spawned the cult classic movie directed by David Fincher that starred Edward Norton as the Narrator, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden and Helena Bonham Carter as the object of their affection, Marla Singer.

Fight Club 2 will be available from Dark Horse comics this May.

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Gem Seddon
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