Modern Warfare guns: All the weapons confirmed for the next Call of Duty

modern warfare best guns
(Image credit: activision)

There'll be few things more important than find the best Modern Warfare gun among all the weapons included in this year's Call of Duty, and even though there's still three months to go until launch, we know about a plethora of confirmed Modern Warfare weapons, from the usual guns to throwables, grenades, attachments and more. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is shaping up to be one of the series greats, especially if our Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay is anything to go by, so read on for everything we know about the confirmed Modern Warfare guns, weapons, and more.

Modern Warfare guns

Modern Warfare guns

(Image credit: Activision)

First up is all of the confirmed Modern Warfare guns, and there's some familiar weaponry here for anyone who's played a prior Modern Warfare game.

Assault RiflesSubmachine GunsLight Machine GunsShotgunsMarksman RiflesSniper RiflesPistolsLaunchers
M13MP5M91Model 680MK2AX-50M19RPG-7
FR 5.56MP7L86A2725M14.50 GSPILA

We've no idea which will be the best Modern Warfare guns yet because we haven't played it, but if previous games are anything to go by, the MP5 will be the SMG of choice, while the M4A1 will probably be one of the first assault rifles you unlock. It's worth noting that the AUG can apparently switch between the AR and SMG class, depending on the weapon modifications used.

Modern Warfare grenades

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On to the grenades/throwables/explosives now, and as usual, they're split up into two categories: Lethal and Tactical. There's quite a few here so while there may be more in the game at launch, this could also be the complete list.

Throwing Knife
Proximity Mine

These are all of the Modern Warfare weapons we know about from the multiplayer preview event, so keep in mind that there could be more than this both in the Modern Warfare beta and when the game launches in October. As soon as we know more of the Modern Warfare guns we'll update this list, but in the meantime make sure you're up to date with all of the Modern Warfare maps, Modern Warfare perks, and Modern Warfare killstreaks.