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Being Human Exclusive Begins In SFX190

Above: A story arc for Nina in season two

Extract from Toby Whithouse’s Being Human season two production diary:

“Suddenly the producers and I are back in storyline meetings. First things first, Herrick’s gone so we need a new villain. I outline a character I’ve been knocking together. They like what they hear. Phew. We start talking about the big story arcs. I draw a grid on the white board, a box for each character in each episode. The villains have a storyline of their own, so they get a row of boxes. Plus I want Nina to have an arc in this series, so she gets one too. That makes 40 boxes to fill. Even after I’ve outlined all my ideas, so many boxes are still empty the board is making me snow-blind. My producer tells me not to panic, we weren’t in this good a shape last year (how does he know? Maybe he kept a diary…). I don’t believe him and decide to panic."

Read the full article – the first in a series – in the new issue of SFX, #190, on sale Wednesday 18 November. Join our Twitter feed so you get a reminder when the new issue comes out.

Above: “Hey, did you know in America I could be a girl?”

Above: Just how will this guy fit into season two?