Black Friday 2016: Snag a new 500GB PS4 Slim with Battlefield 1 for £229

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Currys is offering a new PlayStation 4 slim console and DICE's historical first-person shooter Battlefield 1 for just £229.99. 

Alternatively, the 500GB console is also available with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, or, for an extra £10, with FIFA 17 and a docking station.

In our Battlefield 1 review, we said: "Whether in single or multiplayer Battlefield 1 absolutely nails the historical sense of adventure and expectation before swiftly giving way to dread as the war takes a physical and mental toll on its participants. And this - as much as the intimate, brutal virtual warfare - is the game's most impressive feat".

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View deal:  PlayStation 4 Slim (500 GB) & Battlefield 1 Bundle 

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