Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 5: Wulfburg 

Gold Bar #33

At the start of the chapter, you'll have to take out two Commanders. When you kill the northernmost one, check the end of the pier he patrols to find this.

Gold Bar #34

Soon after, you'll enter this flooded tower. Ignore the stairs, leap into the water, and dive into the centre of the room to find more gold.

Gold Bar #35

When you cross the bridge at the top of the building, take a right. Follow the hall as it wraps left and look atop these stacked chairs for this chunk of gold.

Gold Bar #36

Before you leave this area, hop onto the rafters near the exit to find another gold piece.

Gold Bar #37

In the middle of the next plaza is a tall rotunda. Climb the ladder to its top floor to find gold in one of the windows.

Gold Bar #38

After you open the gate near Agent Two's house, you'll have to crawl through a grate to enter the basement. Before you do, check the nearby boxes for more gold.

Gold Bar #39 / Letter #1

When you enter the basement and meet Pippa, check the table to the left. You'll find a letter atop it and gold to the right.

Gold Bar #40

This is found right after climbing out of the sewer. Before you enter the tavern, hang left around the building to find the last piece of gold near the trash.

Letter #2

The second letter is found while serving Helga. Check atop the dresser by the window to find it.

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