Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 4: Escape! 

Gold Bar #25

When you reach the upper level of the cable car station, check the benches nearby. There's an open suitcase on one side containing gold.

Gold Bar #26

The next chunk of gold is inside the cable car control room. Once you drop in, check the desk near the door to find it.

Gold Bar #27

When you cable car dies, don't enter the power station. Instead, head around the perimeter to find more gold behind a beam.

Gold Bar #28

After the cable car crashes, you'll swim to safety in a cave. When you see two enemies walk down a slope and away from you, turn left and head up the same slope. Slide at the end of it to slip into a little alcove holding another hunk of gold.

Gold Bar #29

Once you ride the elevator out of the caverns, check just to the left for a climbable wall. Scale it to find a small cave hiding another gold piece.

Gold Bar #30

After leaping across the broken bridge, you'll enter a small room. Before heading through the door, check near the cement pillar in the middle of the room for more gold.

Gold Bar #31

After another elevator ride, you'll find yourself at the checkpoint near where the game started. Check the safe behind the counter to find gold inside.

Gold Bar #32

When you reach the tavern, head up to the top floor before meeting Kessler. There's one last piece of gold along the walkway up here.


Before boarding the boat at the end of the chapter, grab the letter off the desk near where you enter the cave.

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