Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 2: Docks 

Gold Bar #9

When you reach the keep gate, head right to find a switch that opens a nearby water passage. From here, face the broken wire and dive in. Swim straight ahead to spot the gold just a bit deeper in the water.

Gold Bar #16

Yes, although it's considered #16, this collectible is found next. When you pipe-climb into the eastern wing of the building, check by the centre suit of armour to find it.

Gold Bar #10

You'll soon take a boat ride and come upon an area patrolled by two Commanders. After killing the first on the lower level, check in the corner by a rolled-up rug to find this.

Gold Bar #11

Upon leaving the dual-Commander zone, you'll pass through a locked gate. Leap over the hole on the other side to find more gold cleverly tucked away by a door.

Gold Bar #12

After falling into the catacombs, check around the water level for a passageway blocked by planks. Shoot these away, and you'll be able to climb onto the ledge there. This small secret area contains more gold.

Gold Bar #13

Continue through the catacombs until you pass through something off a small church (you'll know it by the cross ornament). Keep going forward, and hang a right at the top of a long staircase. Next to the coffin here is another hunk of gold.

Gold Bar #14

Turn around from the previous collectible and start scaling the planks that lead to the upper part of the room. Carefully follow these to reach a small tunnel that leads to the next gold bar.

Gold Bar #15

When you reach the western wing of the building, look for a storage room containing a large white and blue tarp. Next to this room is a hole in the wall you can crouch and drop through. You'll find the last gold bar down here.

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