Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 7: Old Town 

Gold Bar #49

After lowering the bridge near the level starter, hop out of the Laderoboter. Swim underneath the pier to find some gold.

Gold Bar #50

Bust open the next door and exit the Laderoboter again. Turn left and leap across the broken boardwalk here, then follow the path to find some crates in an alleyway. Bust them open - one holds a gold bar.

Gold Bar #51

When you pass the burning car, look to your right to see a lower area. Leap down there to find more gold on the nearby dock.

Gold Bar #52

The next plaza is packed with zombies, but check the little walkway to the east of your objective. On the upper lip of the walkway is another hunk of gold.

Gold Bar #54

It's not listed next, but Gold Bar #54 is much easier to grab after #52. Enter the adjacent building and head upstairs. You'll find this in a box near the window.


Now head inside the building where your objective is. Immediately after entering, turn around and check the table you just crawled over - there's a letter on it.

Gold Bar #53

Now turn around from the table and the check the second window to your right. There's gold outside you can grab.

Gold Bar #55

In the next area, you'll need to find a key to proceed - it's in the house immediately left of the door you bust through. Check the back of the room by some chairs to find more gold.

Gold Bar #56

The last gold bar is found near the end of the chapter. As you move through the large, fiery building, you'll have to follow a certain path. Be sure to check the alcove in the west end of the map to find this.

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