Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 3: Wolfenstein Keep 

Gold Bar #17

There's no gold until you reach the kitchen area. The collectible is found on a table near the middle of the room, so you'll probably want to clear out the soldiers first.

Letter #2

It's listed second, but you'll find it first. Weird, huh? When you reach a red-carpeted hallway with a guard and dog, take the first right to enter a bedroom. Check inside the fireplace for the letter.

Gold Bar #18

In the same room, check the bookcase for a book you can interact with. Doing so moves the bookcase, opening a secret area where you can find the gold among some notes.

Gold Bar #19

When you emerge in the upper area of the atrium, you'll post this grate you can move and climb through. Continue past it to the end of the hall, and you'll find more gold tucked behind a pillar.

Gold Bar #20

Once you crawl through the grate into the library, immediately turn right. The next bookshelf on your right will have a gold bar on a high shelf.

Gold Bar #21

Now, from where you entered, head straight ahead to other side of the library. High on a shelf here is more gold.

Gold Bar #22 / Letter #1

There are two exits from the second floor of the library. Between them is this display case holding a key. Grab it and head to the alter on the opposite side of the room. Use the key there to unlock a secret side room, where you'll find gold on the shelf and a letter on the table.

Gold Bar #23

When you finally exit from the library, hang a right and follow the balcony around. Tucked away back here is another hunk of gold.

Gold Bar #24

After a very intense cut scene, the door in the back of the Anatomical Theatre will be unlocked. Head inside and look for a hatch on the ceiling. Pull this down and climb up into a small area to find the last gold collectible under some pipes.

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