Wolfenstein: The Old Blood letters and gold items collectibles guide

Chapter 6: Ruins 

Gold Bar #41

You'll find this gold piece early on. Before dropping through the hole in the attic, check nearby for this collectible.

Gold Bar #42

When you come down the steps in the flaming room, you'll face two Shamblers. Take them out, then check the space to the left of the door to find another gold bar.

Gold Bar #43

As you move through Pippa's burning house, you'll reach the room pictured above. Check under the bed for more gold.


Upon returning to the boathouse, you'll pull Kessler's boat out from under the dock. The letter is found inside it.

Gold Bar #44

When you exit the boathouse, hang right and jump into the water. Climb the ladder straight ahead to find more gold in a little alcove.

Gold Bar #45

Though this level may seem familiar, the gate to the north has opened, revealing a new area. Head there and climb the ladder, then make a left around the corner to find gold at the end of the stone walkway.

Gold Bar #46

From the last piece of gold, follow the shoddy dock to the end and look to your right. You'll see more gold on the curved dock across the way. Hop into the water and climb the ladder to said dock to reach it.

Gold Bar #47

After pipe-climbing out of the canal, take an immediate left. You'll find more gold by some red drapes.

Gold Bar #48

Now head to other end of this hallway. Check the dresser in the room here for one last piece of gold.

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